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When playing contact sports, it is crucial to protect your teeth from trauma and impact, a custom sports mouthguard is made using moulds of the mouth to gain an accurate and comfortable fit while providing maximum protection for your teeth and lips. While there are many types of mouthguards on the current market, a custom made mouthguard is by far the best choice when it comes to protecting your smile.

At Yeppoon Denture Clinic we construct dual layer, laminated mouthguards to maintain the thickness and integrity of our mouthguards and to provide your teeth or the teeth of your children with the best possible protection while on the field.


Whether you are missing one tooth or only have one tooth left, we have a solution that can suit you and your lifestyle. Dentures come in many shapes and forms, from metal frameworks, acrylic resin dentures and even flexible nylon dentures. Our dentures are constructed using the latest in materials and techniques to provide you with a high quality product that you would be happy to wear.

For more information on our partial dentures and the options that may suit you, call in for a free consultation and see how we can help you.


Full or complete dentures are suited to patients who are missing all of their teeth on their top or bottom arch or both arches. While full dentures will never be as good as having your natural teeth, there is no reason that a person with full dentures should feel restricted by their teeth. Dentures can also play a large part in lip support and facial profile, particularly in older patients.

For more information on how we can customise your dentures to suit you, call or drop in for a free consultation.


Whether your denture is broken in half, a tooth has come off or you need a new tooth added to your partial denture, we are here to help.
Yeppoon Denture Clinic offers same day repairs and additions at a reasonable price.


As we grow older our mouths change shape, unfortunately dentures don’t. If your once snug dentures are becoming loose or dropping down when talking or eating, they may require relining. This is done by taking a new impression of your mouth inside the denture, then replacing the fitting surface with new plastic. The process can be done in the same day so you need not be without your dentures for a long period.


While we require full payment prior to you receiving your dentures, we also offer Eftpos, HiCaps and DVA (veterans affairs) to make claiming simple.

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